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Vertigo is a symptom that many people will experience in their lifetime.  There are many different causes of vertigo and some of them can actually be treated with physical therapy.  If you suffer from vertigo, hopefully you will find some of this information helpful and may be able to treat your symptoms yourself.  If not, […]

What Is Electrical Stimulation?

Electrical stimulation is a treatment commonly used in physical therapy.  It can be used for many different conditions and for many different goals.  The most common uses for electrical stimulation are: short term pain relief and muscle re-education.  Today we will briefly discuss how Continuum Wellness Physical Therapy uses electrical stimulation and how it helps […]

Neck Pain

Two of the major conditions we treat at Continuum Wellness are neck pain and headaches.  They can affect people from ages 15 to 100, are usually related, and can be very frustrating.  The most common type of neck pain we see is posture related.  Treatment consists of stretching and massaging tight muscles, strengthening weak muscles, […]

Rotator Cuff Surgery: What You Need to Know Before and After

Rotator cuff injuries are one of the more common injuries seen at Continuum Wellness Physical Therapy.  The severity can range from mild inflammation and irritation from overuse to a full blown tear that requires surgery.   Nearly 2 million people each year have rotator cuff pain and ⅓ of them require surgery.[1]  One study found that […]

5 Health Benefits of Running

The weather in Phoenix makes for perfect runs where you can see colorful sunrises or sunsets, commune with nature, and get healthier. The benefits of running are almost endless. It combats symptoms of depression and anxiety, improves cardiovascular fitness, and decreases stress. It’s time to get out and go for a run and here’s why: […]