5 Health Benefits of Running

The weather in Phoenix makes for perfect runs where you can see colorful sunrises or sunsets, commune with nature, and get healthier. The benefits of running are almost endless. It combats symptoms of depression and anxiety, improves cardiovascular fitness, and decreases stress.

It’s time to get out and go for a run and here’s why:

  1. Improved Cardiovascular Fitness. Your heart will keep pumping as long as you keep it healthy. Exercise increases blow flow, making the heart more efficient. Over time, your resting heart rate will decrease because the heart is delivering more blood in fewer beats.
  2. Increased Endorphins. Exercise is one of the most underutilized anti-depressants. When you’re running, happy hormones, called endorphins, are released. Some call it their runner’s high. It’s the feeling that stress is leaving your body and being replaced with feelings of positivity and happiness.
  3. Experience the Great Outdoors. Whether it’s a neighborhood trail or a hiking trail, running gets you out of the house and into nature. Check your community website for walking, running, and nature trails. Hike Arizona is a great resource for those looking to trail run.
  4. Clear Your Mind. To me, running is an opportunity to have uninterrupted quiet time. Some days it’s a meditation and other days it’s housecleaning of a cluttered mind. I just get in the zone and run until the stress leaves and I am refocused.
  5. Burn Calories. If you’re looking for an exercise that will burn calories, you need to try running. Just make sure that you’re eating the right kind of calories. Each meal should include protein, carbohydrate, and fruit or vegetable. Each snack should include protein. Yogurt or almonds are good options. And never skip breakfast. Your body needs fuel for your run.

Ready to run? Get up. Dust off the ol’ running shoes and let’s go!

If you’re experiencing a sports injury related to running, make an appointment with Runner’s Rehab AZ. Call 480-382-0134 or schedule an appointment online.

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