Is physical therapy a good fit for treating a car accident concussion?

People may think about a lot of injuries when they hear or think about a car accident. Whiplash will likely be one such injury, but a traumatic brain injury (TBI) called a concussion may not be. 

And that could be a problem. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that about 25% of TBI-related hospitalizations that occurred in 2017 were due to a car accident. Feeling dizzy, disoriented or unexpectedly fatigued long after your accident? You may have a concussion. Concussion physical therapy can help you address your symptoms. It can also be a step toward returning to your normal daily activities. 

3 reasons physical therapy is an effective option for a car accident concussion

There are many reasons why physical therapy is an effective car accident concussion treatment option for many. Here are a few reasons it can be effective for many people: 

  1. Physical therapy is one piece of the puzzle — There are likely to be many people involved in your recovery. A few of these people may include your primary care physician and head injury specialists. Physical therapists can work seamlessly with other medical professionals. This ability is a big part of what allows them to take the most effective possible steps to help you. 
  1. Physical therapy is all about personalization — It might seem like physical therapists often use certain techniques for almost everything. But this is an oversimplification. It’s true that physical therapists often use techniques like manual therapy or therapeutic exercises. Yet the types of manual therapy or exercises they use are chosen to fit each patient’s needs. Also, your physical therapist will change the techniques they use to help you as your recovery progresses. 
  1. Physical therapy can target your vestibular system — Your inner ear and certain parts of your brain make up your vestibular system. This system helps you keep your balance. People who suffer concussions during a car accident often experience dizziness and vertigo. Part of the reason may be that this injury is affecting part of your vestibular system. Physical therapists offer vestibular therapy. This type of PT is specifically designed to help address vestibular system issues. 

Find effective concussion physical therapy after a car accident at Continuum Wellness

Not sure where to find top-notch physical therapy for your car accident concussion? You can turn to our Continuum Wellness team for the effective physical therapy you’re seeking. Our physical therapists can do a free screening to determine the severity of your concussion symptoms. They also excel at creating personalized treatment plans. These plans can help treat concussions and many other car accident injuries. 

Contact our team today for more information about all the ways we can help address concussions or to schedule your initial appointment. 

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