Athletic Training

Our athletic trainers provide a valuable medical resource to the local school systems in the East Valley. In the event of an injury, there is a medically trained person who responds at a moment’s notice to provide immediate care for an injury. These injuries can range from bumps and bruises, to ankle sprains, fractures, asthma attacks, concussions, or cervical spine injuries.

It’s important to have a trainer on hand who is not only experienced, but also confident, focused and prepared for anything.

The athletic trainer has to handle the injured athlete, the coaches, the parents, school administrators, media, and other summoned medical personnel at the scene of a sports injury. Many times these situations occur in inclement weather, strange situations or unanticipated events.

Experience You Can Trust

Athletic trainers are educated through four-year accredited college and university programs. The vast majority of athletic trainers receive a masters or doctoral degree, and usually add a specialized strength and conditioning certification to the four or six years of their formal education.

The athletic training program at Continuum Wellness Clinic prides itself on going the extra mile for athletes in the community.

Our goal is to continually raise the standard of medical care given by its athletic trainers in our service areas. We provide exceptional care by employing only highly skilled and caring individuals.

Continuum Wellness offers Athletic Training in Apache Junction, Chandler, Gilbert and the surrounding communities. Contact us at Apache Junction, AZ center.