Sports Therapy

As society’s emphasis on physical activity and athletics has increased, so has the knowledge and skill required by the healthcare community to manage the related injuries. Continuum Wellness takes pride in providing the skilled treatment necessary to get an athlete back to performing quickly. Our physical therapists and athletic trainers use the latest research to effectively assess, prevent, and rehabilitate athletic injuries. It’s important to address injuries quickly to ensure the athlete returns to participation in the shortest time possible. Contact one of our many locations if you have suffered an athletic injury and your physician has prescribed physical therapy.

Throwing Injuries

Throwing athletes are at risk for injury. This increased risk is, in part, due to the incredible forces applied to the arm during throwing. Proper rehabilitation not only includes improving strength and range of motion, but also education and instruction in proper throwing mechanics to reduce stress on the arm.

Continuum Wellness uses the latest research in all of our rehabilitation plans. A throwing athlete will be evaluated from head to toe to determine the factors that contributed to the injury. Video analysis is sometimes used to evaluate a thrower’s mechanics in order to ensure proper use of the body during throwing.

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