What injuries should prompt me to look for sports therapy near me?

Sports Therapy Near Me

Sports injuries can range from mild to severe. Some injures just require rest to allow the body to heal, while others can benefit from professional attention to promote recovery. This can lead to many athletes seeking sports therapy near them. Participation in sports always comes with a risk for injury. This especially includes collision sports like football and hockey. However, injuries are still common occurrences in low-impact sports like soccer and basketball. 

Are you wondering what injuries can benefit from sports therapy near you? Physical therapists are experts in treating a variety of sports injuries and can help you get back in the game. 

What injuries could benefit from sports therapy near me? 

If you have a severe injury, physical therapists can help manage pain, hasten your recovery and promote healing. If you’re an athlete, you may be worried about spending too much time laid up. A physical therapist can help you maintain your strength and flexibility during the recovery period. Here are some injuries that can benefit from sports therapy: 

  • Sprains — A sprain occurs when you overstretch or tear the ligaments in a joint. The ligaments are fibrous tissue that stabilizes the bones in a joint. A serious sprain can take weeks to heal and could benefit from professional oversight depending on the severity of the ligament damage. 
  • Strains — A strain is distinct from a sprain in that it refers to an overstretched or torn muscle or tendon. The tendons are the cords that connect the muscle and bones together. 
  • Achilles tendon injuries — The Achilles tendon is the cord that attaches the calf muscles to your heel bone. This means it is important for running, which is why athletes can develop Achilles tendon injuries so easily. Repetitive stress from exercise can lead to tendinitis, which causes pain and swelling around the heel. The Achilles tendon can also rupture while you’re playing sports. This is a more severe Achilles tendon injury that causes immediate pain and swelling. 
  • ACL tear — An ACL tear is a common injury among many athletes, including professional players. This injury can take an athlete out of the game for a whole season. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a crucial structure in the knee. An ACL tear is especially common among basketball and soccer players. It commonly occurs when a player is jumping or aggressively turning. This can lead to an overextension in the knee joint, which is immediately painful. 
  • Dislocation — A dislocation refers to when a bone slips out of its joint. A dislocation can occur upon a sudden impact, or when taking a hard or awkward fall. Any joint can be dislocated, but the most commonly dislocated joints among athletes are the knees, hips, ankles or shoulder joints. 

How can sports therapy near me help?

Physical therapists have experience treating a variety of sports injuries. If you hurt yourself, some benefits to seeking out sports therapy include:

  • Maintaining strength and flexibility.
  • Promoting healing through relieving stress and tension around the injured area.
  • Managing pain.
  • Decreasing your recovery time.

Continuum Wellness is prepared to get you back in the game

If you’re an athlete, nothing is more frustrating than having to sit out of games while you’re healing from an injury. However, it’s important to allow your body to heal properly so you don’t reinjure yourself. Our team at Continuum Wellness understands the passion that drives athletes. Our physical therapists are experts in treating a variety of sports injuries. We are prepared to build you a personalized treatment plan that promotes your recovery from a sports injury.

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