What will a physical therapist try to do when your ankle hurts?

What to Do When Your Ankle Hurts

If your ankle hurts or makes it uncomfortable to walk, then you’re probably wondering what to do next. The first thing you should know is that your ankle is a complex structure. There are many different conditions that can cause ankle pain. A physical therapist may evaluate your ankle to determine what to do next when your ankle hurts. This will depend on the condition causing your ankle pain. 

Are you wondering what to do when your ankle hurts? If so, discover how physical therapy can help treat your ankle pain. 

Three physical therapy techniques for ankle pain

There can be many different causes for ankle pain. Depending on what is responsible for your symptoms, a physical therapist could recommend a variety of techniques. Here are a few common methods that physical therapists use to treat ankle pain:

  • Therapeutic exercise — Your physical therapist can demonstrate the most effective therapeutic exercises for strengthening your ankle muscles. Stronger muscles can help support your ankle, which may reduce muscular tension. It can also alleviate stress on the ankle joint and the ligaments since your muscles help support these structures. Daily stretching may also be effective in preventing ankle stiffness. 
  • Joint mobilization — This is a hands-on technique that’s a form of manual therapy. If you suffer from ankle pain and stiffness, you may also experience restricted mobility. Your physical therapist will mobilize your ankle joint. This involves loosening the ankle joint via manual manipulation with the hands. This is not intended to be painful, but actually to provide relief. The ankle joint is moved in a way that may reduce tension and make it less painful for the ankle to move. 
  • Electrical stimulation — While it may sound intimidating, this technique is a safe approach to pain management. Electrical stimulation is never intended to cause pain or discomfort. It involves adhesive electrodes that are attached to the ankle. It works by stimulating the sensory nerves around your ankle, which induces a natural pain reduction effect. 

Wondering what to do when your ankle hurts? Continuum Wellness is prepared to help relieve your ankle pain today

If you experience ankle pain, our team is trained in a variety of techniques that can provide you relief. The physical therapists at Continuum Wellness are experts in treating ankle pain, and we’re prepared to manage your symptoms. We can develop a personalized treatment plan to help manage your pain now and reduce your symptoms in the future.

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