Why should I go looking for physical therapy for ankle pain in Arizona?

Physical Therapy for Ankle Pain in Arizona

Many Arizona residents go out to experience the state’s natural beauty only to end up in pain. Tripping on rutted paths. Slipping on a slippery trail. Landing wrong when you’re jumping off a boulder. Any of these actions can leave you feeling pain in your ankle. 

With more than 23,000 people seeking help for them every day, ankle sprains are by far the most common source of ankle pain. However, issues like osteoarthritis, gout and simple overuse are common sources of ankle pain, too. Any of these issues might prompt you to search for physical therapy for ankle pain in Arizona, and there are plenty of reasons why going to physical therapy for ankle pain can be a wise decision. 

Three reasons it is a good idea to choose physical therapy for your ankle pain treatment

Physical therapy can offer many benefits for Arizona residents who are experiencing ankle pain. The benefits physical therapy can offer also double as reasons to give it a try. Some of the reasons you should consider this treatment option include: 

  1. It’s all-natural — More and more people are wary of taking prescription pain relievers. A common reason is that they don’t want to become one of the 18 million people who abused prescription drugs in the past year. Physical therapy is one natural alternative to painkillers. Physical therapists can use therapeutic exercises, manual therapy and other natural techniques to reduce your pain. These techniques rely on nothing but the body’s natural movements and the therapist’s hands to decrease pain. 
  1. It’s customized — From cellphone cases to cheeseburgers, people like to have things customized to fit them. Physical therapists recognize this. They also know that customized treatment plans have a better chance of successfully addressing your ankle pain. That’s why physical therapy plans for ankle pain are created to fit each patient’s: 
  • Injury or condition. 
  • Symptom severity. 
  • Recovery goals. 
  1. It can reduce pain — We said earlier that the techniques physical therapists use could help reduce ankle pain, but you don’t have to just take our word for it. Let’s take a look at a medical study that agrees. The study in question was published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. This study involved using a combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise to treat patients with ankle sprains. After four weeks of such care, the patients experienced a 70% reduction in their ankle pain. 

Find physical therapy for your ankle pain at Continuum Wellness’s Arizona-based clinic

Living near Apache Junction, Arizona? Looking for physical therapy for ankle pain? Continuum Wellness has a physical therapy clinic in your area that can help you. Our physical therapists are adept at creating individualized treatment plans designed to reduce your pain and get you back to everyday activities. 

It’s even simple to get started. Just contact our team today for more information about our ankle pain treatment services or to schedule an initial appointment to start addressing your pain.