3 ways that occupational therapy can help prevent falls

Occupational therapy is a type of care for patients who have become injured, weakened from an illness, or are disabled. It allows them to complete guided practice in everyday activities. The goal of these activities is to be able to complete occupational activities to the best of their ability. It involves the assessment and treatment of a patient during occupational therapy sessions with the ultimate goal of the patient becoming better equipped, to complete daily tasks that may be difficult because of an injury, illness or disability.

Research conducted by the American Occupational Therapy Association shows that roughly 3.2 million people in the United States seek out serious medical attention as a result of a fall. Fall prevention makes up a large portion of occupational therapy services. It’s usually sought out by older adults in the U.S. Keep reading to learn how occupational therapists can help individuals prevent falls.

3 ways that occupational therapy can aid in fall prevention

  • Improving balance Occupational therapy can help prevent falls in patients with increased fall risk due to impaired balance. Patients with impaired balance will undergo a series of balance-centered exercises. This way, they can better stabilize themselves outside of therapy.
  • Strengthening muscles — Therapy can not only help with balance, but it can also strengthen muscles — particularly in the types of patients where weak muscles contribute to their fall risk.
  • Creating home adaptation plans — This type of therapy can help patients create plans to modify their homes so that they are less likely to put a patient at risk of falling. This includes repositioning furniture and installing grab rails, for example.

Continuum Wellness can provide you with occupational rehabilitation therapy

Are you still not sure how an occupational therapist can help you address your risk of falling? Do you have any other questions or concerns you’d like to ask about, but you’re not sure if physical therapy is the best way to treat your specific health needs?

At Continuum Wellness, we have clinicians who specialize in occupational therapy. These team members are specially trained to help diagnose and address issues that may be putting you at a higher risk of falling. If you’re worried about the frequency of your falls, consider checking out our many resources and specialties. We offer free screenings to answer any of your questions, discuss options for treatment and aid in your journey toward better health! We also offer at-home treatment as well as virtual treatment to best fit your needs.

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