Can physical therapy treat sciatica?

Burning pain shooting from your lower back. Aching back or legs after sitting for a while. Numbness or tingling in one leg. People who have these symptoms are likely dealing with a condition called sciatica.

Sciatica occurs when one of the sciatic nerves in the lower back is pinched. It’s also one of the leading causes of lower back pain. Medical studies report that up to 40% of people could experience sciatica and its symptoms in their lifetime. If you’re someone who’s suffering from sciatica, you may be wondering, “Can physical therapy treat sciatica?” Fortunately, the answer to your question is, “Yes, it can.”

How can physical therapy treat sciatica?

The main goal of physical therapy to treat sciatica is simple. It’s to help you find the most beneficial and least time-consuming therapy for you. This goal is why your therapist will create a personalized therapy plan for you rather than trying to force you into some cookie-cutter plan. 

There are multiple therapy techniques that can benefit sciatica patients. Some of these techniques include: 

  • Manual therapy — This is a category of therapy. It includes multiple techniques where therapists use their hands to provide relief. This is why manual therapy is often called hands-on therapy. Hands-on therapy can be very helpful for sciatica patients. One study reveals that more than 60% of the sciatica patients who used a therapy plan that included manual therapy had significant symptoms improvement. 
  • Therapeutic exercises — There are many therapeutic exercises your therapist can use to treat sciatica. Your plan might include stretches, low-impact aerobic exercises and strength training. A medical study shows that combining therapeutic exercises with other therapy methods can be very effective for sciatica. The study reveals that exercises combined with other techniques were 2.5 times more likely to reduce sciatica pain by 14 points or more

Dealing with sciatica? Continuum Wellness offers physical therapy that can help

The physical therapy we offer at Continuum Wellness can help treat your sciatica. It can also help you realize a number of benefits. For instance, our team may be able to reduce the sciatica pain you experience, improve your muscle and joint function, and help you prevent sciatica in the future with a personalized physical therapy plan.

We offer free screenings to help you get started with your sciatica therapy. Additionally, you can treat your sciatica from home thanks to the virtual care and at-home therapy services we offer. You can even begin physical therapy without the need for a doctor’s referral.

Are you ready to find out more about how physical therapy can treat sciatica? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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