How can PT help with the loss or absence of mobility in a joint?

When you move your arm around in a circle, up and down or side to side, you are utilizing your arm’s full range of motion. This is what physical therapists refer to as your joint mobility. If you have full joint mobility, it usually means that you have healthy joints. However, if you have trouble using a joint’s full mobility, then it can be a sign of an underlying problem.

The loss or absence of mobility in a joint is often the result of an injury. It can also be the result of an underlying condition that affects the joints. Some common causes of limited joint mobility include:

  • Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder).
  • Joint dislocation.
  • Inflammation.
  • Osteophytes (bone spurs).

The loss or absence of mobility in a joint can make it difficult to perform daily tasks that are normally easy. It can be difficult to move your joints on your own, and attempting to force movement can often result in pain and injury. If you are suffering from a loss or absence of your normal joint mobility, it may be time to turn to a licensed physical therapist for help.

How can physical therapy help me regain my joint mobility?

Physical therapists can use a number of methods to help you regain your full joint mobility. Some of the most common include:

  • Therapeutic exercise — The best way to keep your joints mobile is through frequent exercise. However, normal exercise often isn’t enough. Your physical therapist can guide you through exercises that are designed to help mobilize stiff joints.
  • Joint mobilization therapy This form of manual therapy involves your therapist using the skilled application of force, direction and technique to mobilize stiff joints. Physical therapists can use their hands or certain tools, including straps, to mobilize joints that patients may not be able to move on their own.
  • Dry needling therapy While dry needling is often used to treat stiff and sore muscles, it can also help to release stiff tendons and ligaments that may be restricting the movement of your joints. Your physical therapist would use a sterile needle to stimulate the affected area, which helps to increase circulation in the area and encourage tight tissue to relax.

Where can I turn for physical therapy near me?

Don’t let the loss or absence of mobility in your joints prevent you from doing the things that you enjoy. Turn to the experienced specialists at Continuum Wellness for personalized, quality physical therapy. A free screening can help our team of experts determine the best methods of treatment for your individual needs. We have years of experience treating patients just like you for a wide variety of injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.

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