Is my knee injured if it hurts when straight but not when bent?

Knee Hurts When Straight but Not When Bent

Having knee pain can be a serious problem that drastically affects your daily life. It can make normal activities like playing the sport you love impossible. Unfortunately, the likelihood of developing knee pain is also quite high. 

In 2012, it was revealed that more than 63 million Americans reported chronic joint pain. Chronic knee pain was the most commonly reported type of joint pain since it was reported by 40 million people. People whose knee hurts when straight but not when bent most likely have a knee injury, and physical therapists can help you determine the source of this form of knee pain. 

Two injuries that cause the knee to hurt when straight but not when bent

There are many injuries that can cause some type of knee pain, but there are fewer injuries that cause the knee to hurt when straight but not when bent. A physical therapist can perform an assessment to determine the cause of this specific type of pain. Two common injuries that lead to it include: 

  1. Meniscus tear — The meniscus is a C-shaped piece of cartilage in the knee. There are two menisci per knee, and their job is to cushion the ends of the thighbone and shinbone. It’s reported that up to 14% of knee injuries are meniscus tears. The edges of the torn meniscus can catch on another structure as the knee is straightened, which can cause pain while the knee is straight. 
  1. Jumper’s knee — This issue is known as patellar tendinitis by medical professionals. It occurs when the tendon connecting the kneecap to the shinbone is injured. Athletes who do a lot of jumping are the most likely to develop this injury. Medical studies report that jumper’s knee occurs in up to 20% of jumping athletes. Normal movement of the tendon when the knee is straightened can lead to pain if you have jumper’s knee. You might also feel pain when bending the knee deeply. 

Continuum Wellness can confirm the injury causing your knee to hurt when straight but not when bent

Finding out what knee injury is causing your knee to hurt when straight but not when bent doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our Continuum Wellness team can assist you. We offer complimentary screenings that can be used to determine why your knee is hurting. Our team can also build you a personalized therapy plan designed to treat the source of your knee pain. 

Patients with a high risk of developing COVID-19 can still get help from Continuum Wellness. We’re currently offering virtual care sessions and at-home therapy appointments. These services allow patients to do therapy at home, and staying home can reduce your risk of getting COVID-19. 

Ready to take the next step to get our help treating your knee pain? Contact our team today for more information about how we can help or to schedule an initial appointment.