Understanding the Benefits of Occupational Rehab

Occupational Rehab | Physical Therapy

The primary goal of occupational rehab is to help a patient recover and regain skills essential to performing their daily routine. After a debilitating accident or illness, being able to get back to normal can make all the difference in improving quality of life. While traditional physical therapy works to increase strength and mobility to restore peak function, this may not always be achievable. It is important to ask the right questions when determining if you can benefit from occupational rehab. 

How does physical therapy differ from occupational rehab?

Physical therapy and occupational rehab do share common elements. A physical therapist works with a patient to help improve strength and functionality in the body. The biggest difference is that while physical therapy exercises the specific joint or body part, occupational therapy practices the specific tasks necessary to perform routine daily exercises. You often begin working with a physical therapist and then transition into working with an occupational therapist.

Who can benefit from occupational rehab?

When a full recovery is not realistic, being able to return to your life is still an important goal. Occupational rehab is effective for people who suffer from a permanent or life-altering injury such as:

  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Arthritis
  • Amputees
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spinal trauma

As the name implies, occupational rehab is also used to help you get back to work following an injury or accident. 

What tasks can occupational rehab help me with?

The goals of occupational rehabilitation are individualized to meet each patient’s specific needs. This can mean relearning how to write your name for a stroke patient. For an amputee, this can mean utilizing other limbs to compensate for the loss of an arm or leg to open doors, button a shirt or use a utensil. 

While a traumatic injury can make it seem like life can never get back to normal, the body has a powerful ability to adapt and heal. The physical therapists of Continuum Wellness are experts in helping to restore quality of life to patients through occupational rehab. If you believe that occupational rehab may help you, contact Continuum Wellness to set up your initial appointment.