Patient Testimonials

My wife and I have been coming to Continuum Wellness for many years and have always been happy with the care that we have received on our numerous body parts. It is a great place with an even better staff. We always feel that we were treated like family. We highly recommend Continuum Wellness.

Phillip and Sharon

I highly recommend Continuum Wellness for a means of therapy. I had a torn rotator cuff and a right total knee replacement and from my initial consultation to the end of my therapy, I experienced the best treatment I could ever hope for. The staff is professional, very encouraging and uplifting, understanding and always tries to make your therapy a good experience. No Pain No Gain……Do your therapy at Continuum Wellness!!!!!!!

Sharon J.

I have been coming to Continuum for approx. 8 years and have been extremely happy with all of my care. I come back to therapy here because I have never been to a therapy place where you get treated so well. My husband and multiple friends have also attended therapy at Continuum Wellness and all are extremely happy with their care. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Linda C.

Continuum Wellness is just the most enjoyable place with the most loving people. When I first went to therapy I did not know what to think and was a little nervous. I saw a lot of people there that had many difficult problems that they were dealing with. As I looked around, throughout the clinic, I saw that the majority of the people had smiles on their faces and were actually having fun. The staff here is very knowledgeable and makes it fun and enjoyable to come to PT. I would highly recommend this place.

Deborah H.

I have been coming to PT and have known the staff at Continuum Wellness for over 10 years. I first had the privilege of meeting the staff when I brought my 100 year old mother to therapy. They were so loving and gentle with her while at the same time making her better. She was scared to death in the beginning to even attempt to go to therapy and at the end was looking forward to the next time that she could attend therapy to see everyone. I soon after became a patient and have been coming on and off since. The staff is like family. They are very knowledgeable about your issues but have made it the most loving and enjoyable environment. If I go there and I’m having a bad day I always leave with a smile. Continuum Wellness is a great place with an amazing staff. I recommend Continuum Wellness to everyone and guarantee that they will not regret coming.

Judy C.

I love the staff at Continuum Wellness. They have become part of my family and know all of my immediate family members. When I tore my PTFL I thought my active life was over as a high school junior. After having a very complicated surgery with not the most optimum outcomes the staff kept me encouraged and always made it easy to want to come and put in the hard work. No matter how painful or hard they were there for me and always found a way to make me laugh and smile. At Continuum Wellness they know how hard it can be so they try to make it enjoyable and fun. After many months of rehab I am back to my previous active lifestyle. With the atmosphere that was created there, and all of the good times that I have had has made me want to pursue a career in PT.

Seline A.

I had the privilege of completing my physical therapy at Continuum Wellness for my knee rehab after I had a total knee replacement. The environment is amazing with a staff that knows how to keep it light and enjoyable but also keep me encouraged throughout my treatment. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Jerry A.