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What Causes Headaches Every Day

These three things can be what causes you to have headaches every day

April 12th, 2021

Injuries to your neck are often linked to headaches, but they’re not the only reason why you might be having headaches every day.  Most people experience occasional headaches, and it’s estimated that about 50% of people develop headaches in any given year. However, frequent or chronic headaches are less common. Such headaches are reported to

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Common Shoulder Injuries From Falling

Three common shoulder injuries from falling

April 5th, 2021

You’re walking around your house. You stumble on the edge of a rug and fall on your shoulder. Such a scenario is a fairly common one, and it can have serious consequences.  For instance, many common shoulder injuries result from falling, and falls are often a source of injury. One medical study reports that about

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Ankle Hurts but No Swelling

Three reasons your ankle hurts but there’s no swelling

April 1st, 2021

Ankle sprains are a common source of ankle pain, and they tend to also cause swelling. However, there are other causes of ankle pain that can occur with no swelling.  U.S. adults typically spend much of their day on their feet. One study found that about 24% of Americans spend six or more hours per

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