3 things everyone should know about joint mobilization before starting PT

Joint pain is fairly common. This type of pain often comes with a decreased range of motion in the joints. Joint mobilization, a technique utilized by physical therapists, can be particularly beneficial for addressing conditions of the joints. According to one study, joint mobilization seems to be effective for improving immobilization and joint mechanics. If you are experiencing joint issues, here are some important things you should know.

3 things that are important to know about joint mobilization

  1. Can be used to treat joint stiffness — This type of physical therapy technique can be effective for treating joint stiffness and other musculoskeletal conditions. It targets joints that may have become painful or hard to move over time and increases mobility and flexibility.
  1. Can reduce pain — Mobilization therapy for your joints has also proven effective for treating pain. Research has shown that resting pain can be lower for those regularly undergoing joint mobilization.
  1. Can increase range of motion — This particular type of therapy also aids in increasing range of motion and balance for patients with joint issues. A physical therapist can work through the joint’s resistance, which allows for the restoration of natural joint movements, which can ultimately also improve balance.

If you’re struggling with painful or stiff joints, consider trying joint mobilization. It’s a type of manual physical therapy made to target exact joints. A physical therapist will typically use their hand to manipulate and maneuver a joint, but will sometimes use tools or instruments to aid in the treatment process. This particular type of therapy is great for dealing with musculoskeletal conditions but is just one of a few different specialties we offer, including dry needling. For information on dry needling and how it can help your symptoms of a musculoskeletal condition, read here.

Continuum Wellness can help treat your joint condition

Are you still wondering in what ways a physical therapist can help you address your joint issues? Do you have any other questions or concerns you’d like to ask a specialist, but you’re not sure if physical therapy is the best way to treat your specific health needs? At Continuum Wellness, we are specially trained to help diagnose and address issues that may be causing your joint stiffness or pain. Consider checking out our many resources and specialties. We offer free screenings to answer all your questions, discuss options for treatment and aid in your journey toward better health! We also offer at-home treatment as well as virtual treatment to best fit your needs.

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