Benefit of Total Motion Release Methods in Athletic Training

Athletic trainers must be well-versed in a variety of injury recovery and prevention techniques. One such technique is known as total motion release. To have access to techniques like total motion release, you’ll need an experienced athletic trainer. The athletic trainers at Continuum Wellness have just the level of experience that you want. Our trainers have been using their skills in Apache Junction, Arizona to meet one goal. This goal is to improve the standards of care that our trainers provide to our communities. Every athletic trainer at Continuum Wellness is trained in the total motion release methods.

Advantages of total motion release methods in athletic training from Continuum Wellness

You may think that to help you, your trainer will only focus on the injured area of your body. However, the Continuum Wellness team uses total motion release techniques that do just the opposite. Total motion release utilizes 100 percent of the body to perform therapeutic exercises. These exercises are used to target the area of your body that is injured without you having to move the injured area. The total motion release technique makes use of all parts of your body except the injured area. Our trainers use this method to provide you with several advantages, which may include:

  • The ability to produce positive results from physical therapy up to seven times faster
  • No equipment is required to use this technique
  • Allowing your body to heal, realign and reduce pain

These and other advantages of total motion release techniques may help to reduce your overall recovery time. Athletic training can benefit all types of athletes and help treat their pain. To learn more about athletic training or other services we offer, contact Continuum Wellness today.

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