Feeling top-of-ankle pain? Here are 6 PT techniques that can help ease your pain

Ankle pain can have many different causes. You might feel pain on the top of your ankle due to injury, overuse or a chronic health condition. Regardless of the source, ankle pain can be a real hindrance to your daily activities. Is the pain around your foot and ankle persistent? If so, finding effective treatment is important. Physical therapy can offer a range of effective and noninvasive treatment options designed to provide lasting relief. Learning about the various physical therapy treatment types available can help you understand the ways you can experience relief. Physical therapy care tailored to your needs and condition can help you get back on your feet.

Effective physical therapy treatments for top-of-ankle pain

  • Flexibility exercises — Sometimes the cause of pain on top of the ankle is related to stiffness. Stiff joints and muscles can cause aching and discomfort in the surrounding area. To reduce stiffness, flexibility exercises can be highly beneficial. Simple stretches like rotating your ankle can help improve your range of motion. Your physical therapist will typically prescribe certain exercises meant to alleviate pain and tension in affected areas. Your specific routine will be tailored to your specific needs and level of discomfort.

  • Strengthening exercises — Muscle weakness can be a major contributing factor when it comes to top-of-ankle pain. By building strength in weak muscles, you may be able to relieve your pain at the source. Reducing muscle instability can also help make your ankles more resilient, lowering the risk of more complications. Targeted strengthening exercises can include toe raises and resistance band exercises. These movements can help build the muscles that support your ankle joint. As you exercise more, your physical therapist can help adapt your workout routine to your growing capabilities.

  • Balance training — Enhanced balance is crucial for preventing further injuries and reducing pain. To improve your balance, your physical therapist can offer specialized balance training. Balance training is frequently used to address balance and gait disorders. If you have one of these disorders, it could be affecting your ankles. People with balance disorders often experience pain and weakness throughout their legs. To address your imbalances, your physical therapist may prescribe focused balance exercises. Effective balance training exercises include eye tracking and single-leg stands. You can speak with your physical therapist to learn more about balance training options.

  • Manual therapy — Hands-on techniques performed by physical therapists are collectively known as manual therapy. With manual therapy, your physical therapist can apply controlled motions to ease your pain. Assisted stretching is one kind of manual therapy. Another common manual therapy technique is joint mobilization. Joint mobilization can help move a joint affected by pain and stiffness. If you are experiencing pain on the top of your ankle resulting from an injury, manual therapy can help speed up your healing. The right manual therapy techniques can promote blood flow. This is intended to move nutrients into the injured areas where they are needed. All the benefits of manual therapy make it a popular pain relief treatment option.

  • Ice and heat therapy — Ice and heat therapy can be a great way to continue your treatment at home. If you have pain and inflammation associated with ankle issues, using ice packs and heat therapy can help manage your symptoms. Your physical therapist may be able to advise you about when to apply ice and heat therapy between visits.

  • Electrical stimulation — Looking for an innovative treatment designed to provide rapid pain relief? Electrical stimulation can be an excellent choice. There are several kinds of electrical stimulation therapy that can be used to alleviate pain on top of your ankle. To offer relief, electrical stimulation functions by stimulating certain nerve fibers to disrupt pain signals. In addition to pain relief, electrical stimulation can also help address symptoms like swelling and muscle spasms. This means it can be a great well-rounded relief method.

Continuum Wellness can help address your top-of-ankle pain

Top-of-ankle pain should not be a constant struggle. If you are experiencing discomfort in the ankle region, you can find a solution at Continuum Wellness. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality care customized to the needs of each patient. With our help, you can work toward lasting relief and return to your favorite physical activities.

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