Finding an occupational therapist in Apache Junction, AZ

If you’re searching for an experienced occupational therapist in Apache Junction, Arizona, our team at Continuum Wellness can help. In fact, there are many injuries and medical conditions our occupational therapists can help you treat.

At Continuum Wellness, our experienced team is vital to the exceptional therapy we provide in Apache Junction. Each member of our team has an advanced therapy degree, and we’ve also participated in extensive training in occupational therapy. Also, our team is committed to creating a personalized therapy plan for you. We’ll ensure your plan includes the most effective research-based therapy methods. In fact, all these factors allow our occupational therapists in Apache Junction to help you deal with a variety of medical conditions and injuries.

Three groups our occupational therapists can help in Apache Junction

Our Continuum Wellness team in Apache Junction includes great occupational therapists. But, we’re aware you may not know exactly what occupational therapy is.

Many patients don’t know the differences between physical therapy and occupational therapy. Occupational therapy focuses on helping people perform common daily tasks more easily. The goal of physical therapy is to help you increase the strength and flexibility of your muscles and joints. If it sounds like these two therapies can be used together, our team can tell you they often are.

In fact, we often have three specific groups of people come into our office looking for help from an occupational therapist. One of these groups is elderly people with age-related conditions. One such condition we often help these patients with is arthritis. We can also help patients with balance and gait disorders. Cognitive issues can also be treated with our occupational therapy.  

A second group we help with occupational therapy is people recovering from sports or workplace injuries. We may even be able to help prevent such injuries in the future. A third group of patients we’re often asked to help is children with physical and cognitive disabilities.

If you or someone you know falls into any of these categories, we may be able to help you. In fact, our Continuum Wellness team strongly encourages you to consider occupational therapy. Our occupational therapists may be able to provide patients with benefits that include:

  • An increased ability to perform daily tasks
  • Improved balance
  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Increased quality of life

Do these benefits of seeing our occupational therapists in Apache Junction sound good to you? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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