Four benefits physical therapy could offer you

Having trouble walking your dog. Experiencing pain when playing with the grandkids. Not being able to stand up long enough to cook dinner. These are just some of the ways that musculoskeletal conditions can affect your daily life. 

Physical therapy is a type of treatment that can offer many benefits for patients with musculoskeletal issues. For instance, one medical study reports that physical therapy for knee osteoarthritis improved pain, stiffness and function scores by 52%. There are four main benefits of physical therapy, each of which helps improve your health and lifestyle. 

Physical therapy can offer you these four benefits

No matter what condition has led you to seek out physical therapy, an experienced therapy specialist can help you find benefits. Four of the benefits that your therapist can help you get include:

  • Use of evidence-based physical therapy techniques — Evidence-based techniques are those that have been proven by medical studies to benefit patients. 
  • Long-term physical independence — Your physical therapist wants to reduce your pain and improve your ability to function. They also want to ensure that you continue getting these benefits long after your therapy is over. 
  • Personalized therapy plans — Patients experience musculoskeletal issues differently; what works in another person’s therapy plan won’t necessarily work for you. Your physical therapist will craft a therapy plan individualized to your specific needs. 
  • Identifying the root cause of your pain — Far too often, patients get focused on treating the symptoms of an issue. What they may not know is the root cause of their symptoms. Your physical therapist can help identify the root cause of your symptoms. In turn, this allows them to develop a treatment plan that’s more likely to help you. 

Physical therapy techniques that can help you get important benefits

Each patient is different, and our physical therapists understand that each treatment plan should be built to fit the patient best. For that reason, our therapy specialists offer many physical therapy techniques to choose from. A few of the most commonly used therapy techniques are: 

These techniques allow our physical therapists to target the cause of your condition and help you find relief from your pain and symptoms. Their goal is to treat your condition, give you the tools you need to help prevent the condition from returning and improve your quality of life.

Continuum Wellness offers a variety of beneficial physical therapy services

Ready to find physical therapy that can benefit your musculoskeletal condition? Our team of physical therapists at Continuum Wellness is primed to assist you. We offer free screenings designed to reveal the root cause of your symptoms. Our team also excels at building personalized therapy plans intended to reduce symptoms and prevent them from returning. 

We look forward to helping you get the physical therapy you need to treat a musculoskeletal issue. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

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