Four benefits of physical therapy for back pain that you don’t know about

It’s no secret that back pain can royally screw up your daily routine and activities. Pain in your back can make sitting at your desk and walking your dog very uncomfortable. It can also affect your mood and your willingness to interact with friends and family. 

Unfortunately, the likelihood of any one person developing back pain is very high. In fact, medical research shows that back pain is the third most common reason people go to the doctor. Physical therapy has a great reputation for helping people treat their back pain, but there are some benefits of this treatment option that you may not know about. 

Some unknown benefits of physical therapy for back pain

Physical therapists have an intimate knowledge of the human musculoskeletal system. Your back is one of the largest structures in this system. This knowledge combined with the range of techniques at their disposal means physical therapists can offer you many benefits. 

Reducing your pain is one of the most common benefits of physical therapy for back pain. There are also other important benefits that you might not know about, including: 

  1. Identifying underlying issues — Physical therapists don’t just find the cause of your pain and then move on. Often, they’ll look for the underlying issues behind the cause of your pain. This allows your therapist to treat the root cause of your pain, which can make it less likely to come back. 
  1. Improving your posture — A common source of back conditions that lead to pain is poor posture. Your therapist can evaluate your posture. They can then suggest adjustments you can make to improve your posture. 
  1. Improving your gait — Not all back pain is actually caused by a back problem. In fact, problems with how you walk, or your gait, can trigger painful back issues. One reason for this is that gait problems can lead to back misalignment, which typically results in pain. 
  1. Increasing your knowledge — There is an old saying that knowledge is power. Physical therapists typically work to help you learn as much as possible about your back issue. This knowledge can help your treatment process go more quickly. It can also help you avoid future back issues. 

Find these benefits of physical therapy for back pain at Continuum Wellness

Are you keen to get these and other benefits from physical therapy for back pain? Our team at Continuum Wellness offers physical therapy that’s designed to meet your needs. We offer free screenings that can pinpoint the underlying causes of your back pain. Furthermore, our specialists excel at creating personalized therapy plans designed to offer all the benefits above and more. We can even help you treat your pain at home if you use our virtual therapy or at-home care services. 

Contact our team today for more information about our back pain treatment services or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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