Golf-related shoulder pain? Try physical therapy

Golf is a wonderful pastime that inspires passion in many. However, we all know that it can put stress on our body, especially for the more competitive golfers among us. In addition to the back, the shoulders can be a common source of injury due to the forces applied to them by swinging the club. Those who have developed golf-related shoulder pain know it can take much of the enjoyment out of your favorite sport — or take you away from it entirely. 

It is important to never “play through the pain.” Always get adequate rest and see a doctor for pain that does not improve in a few days. Taking a proactive approach to shoulder pain treatment can help you in the long run and lower your risk of worsening your injury or developing recurring problems. 

Physical therapy is a common treatment recommendation for golfers dealing with shoulder pain. To learn more about the steps a therapist can take to assess and treat your shoulder and overall mechanics, take a few minutes to read this brief overview. 

Seeing a physical therapist for shoulder pain

Physical therapists are experts in the structure and mechanics of the musculoskeletal system. This gives them a unique understanding of the effect that sports like golf can have on critical joints like the shoulder. By reviewing your health history, asking questions about your symptoms and lifestyle and performing a physical examination and movement tests, a therapist can gain a clearer understanding of the causes of the injury and develop an action plan to address them. 

A physical therapy program for shoulder pain related to golf might include: 

  • Therapeutic shoulder strengthening exercises
  • Active and passive stretches to increase range of motion
  • Manual therapies to mobilize soft tissue and joints
  • Movement and posture training to lessen the strain of the golf swing

Your therapist may also provide recommendations on stretches, exercises and treatments to perform at home and on the golf course to lessen the risk of reinjury or worsening the pain. 

See the sports and shoulder pain experts at Continuum Wellness

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