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What is the proper posture to avoid neck pain?

April 9th, 2019

Many office workers experience neck, shoulder and back pain after working at their computer all day. This issue may cause some people to wonder, “What is the proper posture to avoid neck pain?” Fortunately, there’s a physical therapy team that may be able to help you answer this important question. Our team at Continuum Wellness

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carpal tunnel syndrome

Occupational therapies that treat carpal tunnel syndrome

April 8th, 2019

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a type of workplace injury that has grown in frequency in recent years. There are occupational therapies that may help treat carpal tunnel syndrome, but you may not know where to turn for this type of therapy. Luckily, there’s a team of physical therapists that may be able to help you.

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treatment for vertigo

Treatments for Vertigo: The Epley maneuver

April 7th, 2019

If you’ve ever felt like the room was spinning, then you’ve had vertigo, a whirling sensation that can cause you to lose your balance. There are several treatments for vertigo available, and which one is useful to you depends on the root cause of your vertigo. At Continuum Wellness, our team can help you find

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