How personal athletic training can help high school students

Participating in sports is one of the many activities high schoolers love to enjoy. When the season starts up, it should be a priority to take athletic training seriously. The coaches have scheduled training and exercise sessions, but students who want to take their fitness to the next level should consider working with an athletic trainer.

Athletic trainers are licensed professionals who specialize in improving the strength, flexibility and performance of your musculoskeletal system, which is vital to your athletic performance. Athletic training can help students in many areas, including these:


The single most important thing you can learn from an athletic trainer is proper technique. Learning good form will set a solid foundation moving forward in any sports or physical activities you do. In addition, proper technique has other benefits, including:

  • Being more aware of body and body positioning
  • Understanding how the body moves
  • Knowing how to use the body and improve it
  • Building good fitness habits
  • Helping prevent injuries related to poor posture or technique


Even with individual sports such as tennis, the coach still has to worry about coordinating the practices for the entire team. Drills and exercises are conducted at a team level, and individual help can be hard to get. Athletic training can provide the kind of one-on-one or small-group attention that can help unlock your potential. Flaws in form can be addressed. If there is a certain ability or skill that you want to spend extra time on, the trainer is here to help you do that.


The credentials of a high school coach can vary greatly. While some coaches may be experts in the sport they coach, others may have just enjoyed playing in high school and have volunteered to be the coach. This is not a knock on volunteer coaches; it’s great that they are willing to dedicate this extra time. 

But athletic training with a physical therapist will guarantee that you will be training with an expert in their field. Physical therapists earn a bachelor’s degree and go on to achieve a master’s or doctoral degree in physical therapy. You are certain to have an expert’s perspective if you train with our team.

Visit Continuum Wellness for athletic training

Are you a student-athlete or the parent of one? If you want to take training to the next level in a safe, effective manner, you should talk to an athletic trainer. The staff at Continuum Wellness are master motivators, but the results will still come down to the effort put forth by the individual. If you or a family member are curious to learn more about athletic training through Continuum Wellness, contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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