Need physical therapy but can’t leave your home? Try in-home physical therapy

When you are suffering from long-lasting pain and difficulty moving due to an injury or condition, you shouldn’t simply accept your fate just because you cannot leave your home. Whether because of the COVID-19 crisis or because it’s too dangerous for you to get behind the wheel, you still deserve to receive the treatment you need. One way you can achieve this is with in-home physical therapy.

In-home physical therapy is a service in which your physical therapist comes to visit you instead of you going to the clinic. This can help you get the treatment you need for your pain and injuries when it’s too risky for you to leave your home. 

What to expect from in-home physical therapy

  • Convenience — Getting prepared for in-home physical therapy is simple. All you need to do is be available for your appointment time, dress comfortable and have an open space free of clutter for you to receive your treatment.
  • Safety — Traveling during the COVID-19 crisis can expose you to the virus. It might also be simply unsafe for you to travel given your condition or injury. In these situations, having a physical therapist come to you instead helps reduce your risk of exposure and the need to drive. At Continuum Wellness, we screen our team members prior to the start of each shift to make sure they won’t pose any health risks to you in your home.
  • Reliability — The treatments our team uses in in-home physical therapy services have the same level of quality you would expect from us in our clinics. With in-home physical therapy, you have access to therapeutic exercises, stretches, posture guidance, hands-on therapy and much more.
  • Coverage — Medicare and many major insurance plans include coverage for in-home physical therapy for patients who qualify for it. Talk to your insurance provider or our team at Continuum Wellness if you have any questions about your coverage for in-home physical therapy.

Talk to Continuum Wellness about in-home physical therapy

If you’re stuck at home due to your condition or because of COVID-19, you should talk to a physical therapist about in-home physical therapy and how it can help you. Contact our team today for more information about in-home physical therapy or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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