Physical therapy methods available in Apache Junction, AZ

Doctors often recommend their patients visit a physical therapist for treatment. Physical therapists specialize in methods that can help improve your strength and range of motion. This can help reduce chronic pain or improve recovery from an injury or surgery.

Different injuries and conditions require different treatments. Our physical therapists at Continuum Wellness in Apache Junction, Arizona, specialize in many physical therapy treatments. No two patients are the same, so the treatments we develop for two people with the same condition may look completely different.

Take a look at some of our most common treatment methods to better understand the benefits of physical therapy.

Three common physical therapy methods

  1. Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) technique — Our physical therapists frequently incorporate massage into treatments to help relieve muscle tension and reduce pain. They use IASTM tools in many of these massages because they offer advantages in breaking down scar tissue.

    IASTM tools are gentle and ergonomic. Your physical therapist will carefully examine your condition before using IASTM tools on you. 
  2. Dry needlingDry needling is a treatment that uses sterilized needles to treat pain. Your physical therapist will identify trigger points in your muscles that may be causing pain. He or she will then insert a sterilized needle into the trigger point, which can release the tension and help relieve your pain. 
  3. McKenzie Method — The McKenzie Method operates on the principle that patients want more control over their well-being. Your physical therapist will review your condition and develop exercises and motions that can help reduce pain and improve mobility.

    He or she will then take time to guide you through these exercises and techniques until you are comfortable enough to perform them at home without supervision. Being able to do McKenzie Method exercises at home helps you remain proactive in treating pain and preventing future pain.

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Our physical therapists at Continuum Wellness offer these treatments and many others at our Apache Junction, Arizona clinic. If you’re ready to get help for an injury or chronic pain, talk to one of our team members about what we can do for you.

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