Sore neck treatment for patients in Apache Junction, AZ

Whether it’s related to age, injury or just sleeping on it funny, a sore neck is never fun to deal with. While a sore neck often improves in a short period of time, treatment from a qualified professional can start to become a serious consideration if it persists for more than a few days to a week. 

If you’re an Apache Junction, Arizona, resident who is curious about sore neck treatment, Continuum Wellness would like to share the following guide. It’s better to err on the side of caution, since it’s possible for a sore neck to be an indicator of a more serious condition. In any situation, the earlier and more proactive you can be with treatment, the better. 

When should you seek sore neck treatment?

Here are some of the best indicators that can tell you if you need sore neck treatment:

  • Soreness is persisting for more than a few days to a week.
  • You’re dealing with limited neck mobility
  • Your soreness is accompanied by neck pain. 
  • You’re also experiencing headaches.

In addition to other forms of treatment, physical therapy can be a highly effective way to find relief. A physical therapist can perform a hands-on examination and various range-of-motion tests to determine the underlying sources of pain. From there, he or she can work with you to develop a treatment plan to relax and mobilize soft tissue, strengthen supporting muscles and improve flexibility in your neck. 

Sore neck treatment from a physical therapist should also include detailed instructions on exercises and treatments you can perform at home to go along with your in-office therapy sessions. By committing to your therapy program, you can develop a stronger, healthier body that promotes your overall well-being and helps prevent the development of future neck soreness and related issues. 

Continuum Wellness in Apache Junction, AZ, can provide sore neck treatment

When you meet with one of our expert therapists in Apache Junction for sore neck treatment, it’s our mission to make sure you receive the personalized care and guidance you deserve. We have decades of combined experience treating most of the major underlying causes of a sore neck, whether it’s a simple muscle strain or a more serious spine condition caused by age or injury. We can help you take control of neck soreness so you can get back to the healthy and active lifestyle you deserve. 

Contact us today to learn more and schedule your initial appointment with a member of our team. 

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