Sports Therapy at Continuum Wellness

Sports therapy is a treatment option that you may want to become familiar with if you play any sport. Whether you play professionally or recreationally, there is always a risk of injury.

Sports with high impact and collision rates, such as football, rugby, soccer and lacrosse, have a higher injury rate than lower impact sports like tennis or golf. However, any of your favorite sports could result in an injury.

Regardless of what sport you choose, our sports therapy team at Continuum Wellness is here for you. We can help you train harder and play longer with our strength and conditioning plan. We can also teach you how to potentially avoid injuries, so you can stay in the game longer.

If you want to maximize your potential as an athlete, our sports therapy program is for you.

Common injuries treated by sports therapy

There are many types of injuries that sports therapy from Continuum Wellness can help you deal with or potentially prevent. Some injuries are more common if you’re an athlete, such as:


One of the most widely-publicized types of sports injury is the concussion. Anytime you take any blow to your head, even if you think it’s not a hard one, you could wind up with a concussion.

Athletes are more likely to get a concussion than other people due to the increased risk of collision. Athletes have a high risk for running into other players or sports equipment such as rackets, bats or balls. Concussions can cause many symptoms, including painful chronic headaches and spells of dizziness.

Our team of sports therapists at Continuum Wellness is prepared to help you heal from a concussion. We can also help train you in ways to potentially prevent them in the future. Not all injuries are preventable, but we can give you techniques that may lower your risk.

ACL tears

Another common type of injury that occurs in athletes is an ACL tear.  The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is one of the two ligaments in the knee responsible for connecting the long bone in the upper leg to the big bone in the calf section of the leg.

This ligament is often injured during the sudden changes in direction and quick stops associated with playing a sport. In some cases, this type of injury may result in surgery. But at Continuum Wellness, one of our sports therapists may be able to treat a knee injury without surgery. If you do need surgery, we can provide you with physical therapy treatment afterward to help you recover faster.

Continuum Wellness can assist you with your sports therapy needs

If you’re living in Apache Junction, AZ and you’ve experienced a sports injury, then our licensed team of sports therapists at Continuum Wellness is here to help you.

We’ll start you off with an initial assessment to find out exactly what issues you’re having. Then we’ll work side-by-side with you to develop a complete recovery plan, work with you as you put that plan into action and tell you about ways you may be able to prevent injuries in the future.

Contact Continuum Wellness today to find out more about our sports therapy services or to schedule an initial assessment.


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