Stiff neck? Discover how physical therapy can help

Physical therapy can help reduce pain and stiffness in the neck. Through targeted exercise, the neck’s range of motion, strength and flexibility can be improved. The duration and the treatment plan prescribed vary from person to person. That’s why if you are suffering from a stiff neck and live in the Apache Junction, Arizona, area, it’s important to contact us to see exactly how our specialists can help reduce the stiffness and create a plan that prevents it from recurring. 

Goals of physical therapy for a stiff neck

The overall goal of physical therapy for a stiff neck is to reduce the stiffness and any underlying pain. Neck posture needs to be improved, and the neck muscles, as well as the muscles that surround the neck, need to be strengthened. 

Often a stiff neck leads to headaches, which then may have you reaching for a pill bottle. Our goal is to address the problem, not mask the symptoms. Instead of finding pain relief in medication, find out how our specialists can help improve your neck’s strength, mobility, flexibility and range of motion, eliminating the cause of the headache. Pain management is at its best when it can be done naturally. 

What does physical therapy for a stiff neck include?  

Our physical therapists have a variety of tools at their disposal, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Manual therapy — the use of massage, movement and/or trigger point therapy
  • Targeted exercises — to stretch and strengthen the muscles around your neck 
  • Cupping — helps with relaxation, blood flow, pain and inflammation
  • Ergonomic recommendations — taking into consideration your lifestyle and demands at work, suggestions will be made to help prevent further injury

What to expect at Continuum Wellness in Apache Junction, AZ

Our specialists at the Apache Junction clinic will take you through a complete patient history questionnaire at your initial consultation. This will include questions about your current, past and family medical history. You will then have a physical examination that allows the physical therapist to diagnose your condition and create an appropriate treatment plan to meet your specific needs. 

Are you suffering from a stiff neck? You don’t have to. Relief is possible. Contact us to schedule an initial appointment and find the relief you are looking for. 

For more information, Contact Us Today.

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