These five issues could be causing your shoulder and upper arm pain

It’s hard to count how many things you use your shoulder and upper arm for every day, and pain in these areas can make every one of them harder to do. For instance, grabbing your coffee mug from a cabinet is suddenly tougher. Driving your vehicle can also be more difficult. 

The reality is that shoulder and arm pain are common issues that people encounter. Medical researchers reveal that nearly 68% of people will end up with shoulder pain at some point in their lives. A physical therapist can help you find effective treatment for your shoulder and upper arm pain. They can also help you discover what’s causing your pain. 

Five conditions that can cause shoulder and upper arm pain

There are many structures that connect the shoulder and upper arm, including muscles and nerves. Physical therapists have extensive training in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders. This means they can help you discover the source of your shoulder and upper arm pain. 

Some of the issues that commonly lead to pain in these areas include: 

  1. Shoulder impingement
  2. Brachial neuritis
  3. Rotator cuff injuries
  4. Shoulder osteoarthritis
  5. Biceps or triceps muscle strains

Techniques that physical therapists can use to treat your shoulder and upper arm issue

Revealing the cause of your shoulder and upper arm pain is just the first step your physical therapist can take to help you. Your therapist can also build you a unique therapy plan to treat your condition. Often, such therapy programs contain techniques like: 

  • Joint mobilization intended to increase mobility and pain in the affected shoulder and arm. 
  • Cupping therapy that can improve blood flow to the injured area and speed up healing. 
  • Sports therapy that focuses on helping you prevent future sports injuries to your arms and shoulders. 

Find effective care for shoulder and upper arm conditions at Continuum Wellness

Tired of feeling pain in your shoulder and upper arm? Our physical therapists at Continuum Wellness are ready to help you take steps to reduce your pain. We offer free screenings that can pinpoint the exact cause of your pain. Also, our specialists can construct a personalized therapy program for you that’s designed to decrease pain and prevent its recurrence. 

Concerned about leaving home to get the therapy you need? You don’t need to be! Our team offers virtual therapy and at-home care services that are intended to help you get effective care from home. 

Contact our team today for more information about our shoulder and arm pain treatment options or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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