Three considerable benefits of treating your sports injury with physical therapy

Sports injury is a real and tangible risk in any sport that people play. Regardless of the sport or skill level of the athlete, getting injured while playing is part of the game. The RICE method of rest, ice, compression and elevation can treat most minor sports injuries. However, there are several tangible benefits of treating every day sports injuries like joint sprains and muscle strains with physical therapy.

Decrease recovery time

When the body suffers an injury, other areas of the body compensate to make up for the injured area. For example, when an athlete suffers a sprained ankle and walks with a limp, he or she is putting extra weight and strain on the uninjured leg. This can lead to complications in your body’s overall gait.

Receiving physical therapy quickly from these types of sports injury limits the time your body has to learn these “bad” compensation behaviors. This in turn can help you recover more quickly from your sports injury.

Strengthen and stabilize

There are several goals when it comes to rehabilitation and your physical therapist will work with you to develop a customized plan to meet those goals. But generally, the goals of rehabbing a sports injury include:

  • Increasing the range of motion and flexibility of the injured area
  • Improving the stability of the joint
  • Building muscle and core strength

Reduce the risk of future injury

Often, sports injuries occur when the body is tired or the muscles are fatigued. Movements become less sharp, technique begins to fade and it becomes easier to roll an ankle or strain in an unnatural way to make a play.

Building strong and pliable muscles can help reduce that sports injury risk. For athletes who use physical therapy for minor sprains or strains, they are often able to come back stronger than prior to the injury as they have built strength in the injured area as well as supporting muscles.

Sports injury treatment with Continuum Wellness

The dedicated physical therapists of Continuum Wellness have the expertise to treat sports injuries of all kinds and all athletic-ability levels. Contact one of our friendly staff today to set up your initial appointment.

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