Three stretches to help relieve carpal tunnel pain

Have you ever been typing away at your desk and felt a sudden pain or numbness in your wrist? That very well could be carpal tunnel syndrome, and it affects many adults.  Some causes of carpal tunnel pain include constant, small movements with your hands (like typing), bone and joint diseases like arthritis, a family history of carpal tunnel or a hormonal change through pregnancy or menopause.

Natural ways to help reduce carpal tunnel pain

Carpal tunnel pain is caused by a pinched nerve, but there’s no need to start looking at carpal tunnel surgery just yet. Stretches are a great, natural way to help reduce carpal tunnel pain. Our physical therapists at Continuum Wellness are experts when it comes to helping relieve carpal tunnel pain through natural treatment. Whether you have mild, moderate or severe carpal tunnel syndrome, here are some tips to help ease your carpal tunnel pain.

  • Use the stop sign to help curb carpal tunnel syndrome — You can do this simple stretch at home, in the office or on-the-go. Start by taking your hand and making it into a fist. Next, move your fingers up towards the ceiling as if you’re motioning for someone to stop. Repeat this move five to 10 times.
  • Fight off carpal tunnel symptoms at your desk — This stretch is perfect for when you’re sitting at your desk or by a table. Begin by sitting down at a table and resting your elbow and arm across the table while letting your wrist hang off the side with your palms facing up. Using your wrist, bend your hand toward you, pointing your fingers up toward the ceiling. Hold this for five seconds. Return your hand to a straight neutral position, then bend your hand the opposite way using your wrist. Your fingers should be pointing toward the floor. Hold this for five seconds. Repeat this stretch 10 times and up to three times a day.
  • Help take the weight off carpal tunnel pain Here’s a useful move to help relieve carpal tunnel pain, and all you need is a light weight. Get started by grabbing a one-pound weight or a can of beans. Position your elbows by your side and lift your forearm parallel from the floor into an L-shape. With your palm facing the ground at a neutral position, bend your wrist up, then return to the neutral position. Repeat this wrist curl 10 times and up to three times a day.

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