Three Ways Therapists Keep Your Physical Therapy on Track

Physical Therapy | Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is hard. Recovering from an injury or surgery is uncomfortable and can often be painful. You probably already know the benefits of physical therapy. Quicker recovery and healing times, improved blood flow and reduced muscle atrophy are all positive effects of physical therapy. While you may be tempted to go at it alone with your recovery, there are several things therapists can do to help keep your physical therapy on track.

Master motivators

Every patient is different. What works for you may not apply to someone else. You may be afraid that your therapist is like a drill sergeant, but physical therapists want to work with you to understand what gets you to respond to treatment best. Some people need that tough love to push them through an exercise, while others put forth maximum effort with words of encouragement. In addition to individualized treatment plans, your therapist is a master motivator trained to help you get the most out of your physical therapy.

Monitor progress

When you are living with and recovering from an injury, it can be difficult to see the small daily improvements. That is why physical therapists use objective measurements to keep track of your progress. He or she may keep track of the following:

  • Range of motion
  • Stamina
  • Swelling
  • Pain levels

To keep you from getting discouraged during your physical therapy, your therapist will have this information so you can be up to date on the progress you may otherwise not notice at first. 

Adjust goals

You can be given a post-operative routine and find it to be way too easy. On the other hand, if you suffer a setback, then the exercises you were given may prove too difficult or even dangerous. Your physical therapist can adjust your exercise intensity and goals to reflect your rate of recovery. Though adjusting goals may seem like a simple matter, setting proper goals is vital to keep patients from being discouraged, and also to help provide a safe recovery pace.

Continuum Wellness knows that physical therapy can be difficult, but focusing on the needs of the patient is vital to a positive rehabilitation experience. 

If you are considering surgery and are searching for a physical therapy rehabilitation center, contact Continuum Wellness today to set up a consultation for your individualized treatment plan.