Treatments for Vertigo: The Epley maneuver

If you’ve ever felt like the room was spinning, then you’ve had vertigo, a whirling sensation that can cause you to lose your balance. There are several treatments for vertigo available, and which one is useful to you depends on the root cause of your vertigo. At Continuum Wellness, our team can help you find the right treatment for you.

Our Continuum Wellness team is well versed in many types of treatment for medical conditions and injuries. We’re also dedicated to helping our patients find the most effective treatment for their needs. To do this, we’ll first perform an initial evaluation on you to find out what’s wrong. Then, we’ll take some time to listen to any therapy concerns or questions you may have. Finally, our team will build you a personalized treatment plan for your injury or medical condition. One therapy we often use in treatment plans for vertigo is the Epley maneuver.

Why treatments for vertigo may include the Epley maneuver

Treatments for vertigo must be specific to what’s causing your vertigo. For instance, vertigo can be caused by medical conditions, like in the case of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).

BPPV is caused by the movement of naturally occurring crystals in your inner ear that can be knocked loose from their normal position. Once they’re loose, they may make their way into the semicircular canals in your inner ear, and they may cause irritation that leads to you feeling vertigo.

Our Continuum Wellness team may be able to address your symptoms with a treatment called the Epley maneuver. Our therapists perform this treatment by using four basic steps. The first step will be to have you sit down on a moveable chair or an examination table. Then, we’ll turn your head slightly toward the affected ear.

Next, our therapists will tilt you back until you’re lying flat on your back with your head still slightly turned. Finally, we’ll turn your head toward the affected ear until your chin touches your shoulder, and then roll you onto your side. By using these specific movements, our team may be able to shift the loose crystals out of your semicircular canals, and this may help you avoid further incidents of vertigo.

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