What are the benefits of vestibular rehab with a physical therapist?

Did you know there are tiny crystals deep within your ears that help you stay balanced? Your doctor may have taught you about these crystals if they have diagnosed you with vertigo.

Vertigo is a condition that causes you to feel dizzy, off-balance and nauseous from time to time. This happens when the crystals in your inner ear are shifted out of position, causing your brain to misinterpret your positioning. Once you have vertigo, many motions can trigger a flare-up of dizziness, such as trying to focus on a moving object or standing up if you have been sitting or lying down for a while.

Different treatment options are available to help people manage their vertigo. One treatment many people can benefit from is physical therapy.

Three benefits of vestibular physical therapy

The goal of vestibular rehab is to help your brain adjust to the challenges presented by the altered positioning of your inner ear crystals. Eventually, your brain can essentially “rewire” itself to the positions of the crystals, allowing you to feel more focused and less dizzy when moving around.

Additionally, vestibular rehab may include balance exercises that can help reduce your fall risk.

Some of the benefits of treating vestibular rehab with physical therapy include:

  • Treatment at the source — Rather than trying to mask the problem, vestibular rehab focuses on the source. By treating the way your brain interacts with the inner ear crystals, you can develop the ability to function on a more normal basis again.
  • Lower chances of injury — Losing balance and falling due to vertigo symptoms can lead to a serious injury. Balance exercises help you stay on your feet to lower your chances of such an injury.
  • Improved focus — Moving your head or focusing on a moving object can trigger a flare-up of dizziness. Vestibular rehab helps you improve your ability to move your head and focus on moving objects without challenges from vertigo.

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