Who can benefit from balance training?

Steady balance is important for making sure that we can move through our daily life without difficulty. We often take good balance for granted, as we rely on our balance throughout the day without noticing it much. But if you feel like your balance is off, then you may be suffering from a balance or gait disorder. If this sounds like you, then a form of physical therapy known as balance training can help you regain your balance. 

What is balance training? 

Balance training focuses on targeted exercises that will help improve your balance and your confidence while walking. These exercises achieve this by strengthening the muscle groups that are important to maintaining a good balance and posture. The most important muscles for a steady balance are the core, lower back and legs. Exercising these muscles regularly can strengthen them, which will help stabilize your body while in an upright posture.

Who is balance training for? 

Loss of balance can happen to anyone. There are a number of reasons why someone might benefit from improving their balance. Some of the most common problems that this form of training can help include:

  • Muscle atrophy.
  • Chronic weakness from aging.
  • Post-surgical weakness.
  • Injuries.
  • Pain while walking.
  • Neurological conditions.
  • Vertigo. 

There are a range of benefits that make balance exercises helpful for people of any age. This form of physical therapy makes it easier to walk again after surgery or sustaining an injury. It can also be helpful in preventing falls or future injuries. 

Continuum Wellness is prepared to help you regain your confidence while walking

Balance issues can make daily life frustrating, but physical therapy is the most effective treatment. If you suffer from a balance or gait disorder, the experienced physical therapists at Continuum Wellness can help. Our expert team is prepared to give you a complete balance and gait assessment on your first visit. We can also develop a personalized treatment plan to help you regain your confidence on your feet. 

Contact our team today for more information about how to improve your balance or to schedule an initial appointment.

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