Why am I feeling ankle pain every day when I haven’t sprained my ankle?

In many people’s minds, feeling pain in their ankle is synonymous with an ankle sprain, and it’s true that this is one of the most common ankle injuries. However, it’s far from the only issue that can lead to ankle pain every day. 

Helping you learn why you’re feeling ankle pain every day is something that a physical therapist can do. Beyond that, a physical therapist can help you find effective treatment for the root cause of your chronic ankle pain. 

Four issues that could be why you’re feeling ankle pain every day:

  1. Ankle bursitis — Each of your ankles contains several pillowlike structures called bursae. These are found in places where they can protect soft tissue and bone from rubbing together. Running and other repetitive activities can cause bursae to become inflamed and painful, which is a condition called bursitis. 
  1. Ankle osteoarthritis — The ankle is made up of two synovial joints; these joints are called the talocrural joint and the subtalar joint. Both of these joints contain cartilage that can wear out over time. It’s this cartilage wearing that can lead to ankle osteoarthritis. 
  1. Nerve issues — Nerves are what allow you to feel sensations in your ankles and feet. However, this includes sending pain signals to your brain when your ankle nerves are injured or pinched. Some common nerve issues in the ankle include tarsal tunnel syndrome and lateral plantar nerve entrapment. 
  1. Ankle tendinitis — There are multiple tendons in the ankle that can become inflamed. It’s known as ankle tendinitis when this happens, and there are several tendons that are commonly affected. These include the: 
  • Achilles tendon (found at the back of the ankle).
  • Posterior tibial tendon (found on the inner side of the ankle).
  • Peroneal tendon (found on the outside of the ankle).
  • Flexor tendon (found on the inner side of the rear of the ankle).
  • Extensor tendon (found on the top of the foot).

Feeling ankle pain every day? Continuum Wellness is here to help you

You don’t have to continue to feel ankle pain every day. Continuum Wellness has a team of experienced physical therapists who can help you address your pain. We offer free screenings to help people find out the source of their pain. Furthermore, our team can create a physical therapy plan that’s personalized to you and designed to reduce your pain. You can even treat your pain from home if you sign up for an at-home care or virtual therapy session with us. 

Contact our team today for more information about the treatments we offer for ankle pain or to schedule your initial physical therapy appointment with us. 

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