Why you should have an athletic trainer at your next big event

Athletes are vulnerable to injuries in all levels of competition. When you push your body hard, it’s easy to cross the line and get yourself hurt. In these situations, an athlete needs to know there is someone there they can depend upon. This is why many sports competitions always have an athletic trainer present.

Athletic trainers are health care professionals who are trained to respond to injuries immediately after they occur. They can also assist in the treatment process and in preventing future injuries. They are the ones you see who rush from the sidelines to provide assistance when an athlete gets hurt.

In addition to helping athletes, athletic trainers can also help the general public. Since they are trained in treating and preventing injuries, athletic trainers are good to have around during large events such as festivals and corporate gatherings. They also help staff hospitals in events of epidemics or staff shortages.

What can an athletic trainer do?

There are several reasons athletes and the general public need to have an athletic trainer around, including:

  • Athletic trainers begin treatment immediately — The primary attribute of an athletic trainer is responding quickly to an injury. They are trained and experienced in identifying the cause of an athlete’s pain and providing immediate treatment. If further medical assistance is necessary, the athletic trainer stays by the athlete’s side until they can get to a doctor.  
  • Athletic trainers help athletes recover — Athletic trainers can partner with sports teams and organizations to provide long-term services. This includes helping injured athletes recover. Having an athletic trainer assist in recovery helps reduce pain and improve recovery speed. This helps athletes get back to training and competition in a quick and safe manner. 
  • Athletic trainers help improve an athlete’s performance — Athletes constantly need to train to improve to outperform the competition. Athletic trainers can help develop personalized training plans for athletes who need to improve in specific areas, such as improving strength and flexibility or stride. Athletic trainers also help athletes train safely to avoid injuries.

Visit Continuum Wellness to learn more about athletic training

If your sports team or organization wants assistance in responding to injuries and keeping people safe, you should use an athletic trainer. Our athletic trainers at Continuum Wellness are trained and experienced in working in a variety of environments, both athletic and non-athletic. Contact our team today for more information about athletic trainers or to schedule an initial appointment.

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