Why your lower back pain won’t go away and how to treat it

Ask any physical therapist, and you’ll get confirmation that lower back pain is the most frequent complaint they’re asked to treat. This makes sense, considering that there are millions of Americans suffering from back pain. 

It’s estimated that about 31 million Americans are living with lower back pain at any given time. Often, the aching in your back might go away on its own, especially with the classic “PRICE” treatment. But when protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation just can’t cut the pain, physical therapy is often your most reliable path back to a pain-free life.

Where does lower back pain come from? 

Among the most common causes of any type of back pain is an improperly aligned spine, stemming from incorrect posture. Your pain could be the result of trauma from a sports injury or car accident, but the pain in your back could also be caused by more commonplace issues like: 

  • Office chairs with poor lumbar support
  • Poor ergonomics of desks, keyboards and monitors
  • Sitting at your desk for hours on end
  • Standing all day
  • Unsupportive shoes
  • Using poor lifting technique

What can treat lower back pain?

Many of the causes of pain in the lower back can be prevented by taking a few simple steps. This is where an experienced physical therapist can help. Your therapy specialist might offer tips for preventing back pain that include: 

  • Getting an office chair with increased lumbar support
  • Taking five to 10 minutes out of every hour to stretch and move around
  • Investing in shoes with plenty of cushioning and good arch support 
  • Improving the strength of core muscles to support the spine while lifting objects
  • Learning better techniques for lifting heavy objects 
  • Wearing a back-support brace when lifting heavy objects 

Continuum Wellness can help you find more ways to treat back pain

Are you looking for physical therapy that can help treat and prevent lower back pain? Look no further than our team of therapy specialists at Continuum Wellness. Here, you’ll find free screenings that are designed to pinpoint the source of your back pain. Our team also excels at building personalized therapy plans intended to relieve and prevent pain in the back. 

In addition to in-clinic physical therapy, Continuum Wellness can help you get the therapy you need from the safety of your own home. This is possible thanks to the virtual care and at-home therapy services we’re currently offering. Additionally, you won’t have to go out and get a doctor’s referral to use any of our therapy services. 

Don’t wait to start getting our help with your back pain. Contact our team today for more information about how we can assist you or to schedule an initial appointment. 

For more information, Contact Us Today.

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